A year later


A lot has changed in a year.

Chrons wise I’m still very sick. It’s been a stream of ever changing drugs that I’m never sure if they are working. (This is bad)

Mental health wise .. I’m still alive? I seem to be coping extraordinarily well? I don’t know.

I am working .. A lot. Almost every day is 3 houses. The days that aren’t seem to fill quickly with carseats and one time jobs. (This is good)

Husband and I are doing ok. We do this crazy talking thing, and we seem to be surviving the ups and downs.

Kids are growing like weeds. Eldest has size 8.5 feet now, and freakishly long fingers. Middle is sassy, and we work on “tone” and tiny tank is growing well, but seems to have a cold currently.

I may be closing the blog. I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “A year later

  1. Corinne Leek

    All I can say is .
    I check here every day. First of my day, to see how you are.
    Take care, you are in my thoughts more than you know.

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