Our Home School

This post was originally photo heavy, but they did not upload correctly.

We are beginning home schooling this year for grades 1, 6 & 8.

I feel like I know nothing, but I am open to learning.

Let’s journey!


I hate that my hands don’t work right.

They cramp and burn, ache and pinch. Flexing them hurts, not flexing them is worse. Gripping a cup of tea, a pen, or a rag for any long period of time is too much.

Sometimes the pain flashes to the elbow, neck, shoulder or back.

The worst part about chronic illness is that Iw I will

Moving is hard sometimes. But if I stop, it will only get worse.

Keep moving.


Calvin’s Passing had a larger effect than any of us imagined.

On Sunday, we took him and the children to the knoll and burried him in their pet area. We had a small ceremony, and sang some songs, and we all helped dig/fill the hole. We were all sad (naturally), but the children really seemed more at peace afterwards.

Eris (the skittish one) is now the affectionate one. She has also attached herself to Rob – which I am glad for – his lap was too empty for a day or two there.

G has asked repeatedly when a kitten will come – I have reminded him that we still have 4 cats who we love very much – and that’s quite a lot!

Other things are also being grieved, but .. This too Shall Pass.


Today Calvin the Cat passed suddenly and unexpectedly.

We are saddened by this loss. 


All hail Calvin Lord Fuzzybottom, Catcher of Birds, Patriarch of our Felines.