This is my altar.  Eclectic.    I am .. paganish? If you must define me.  I feel very alone in my mish-mashed beliefs so often that I dont quite know where I fit within the community at large. I tried wicca, […]


So .. not moving. At least not until some later time… I have written a lovely letter to our landlord, and will enclose lovely photos of all of my points. Hopefully he will write a letter in return. English is […]


For the most part, I like my house. We rent, and that makes it harder to find “exactly” what you want. I have lived here for 3 and a bit years now, but I’m not sure if I should stay […]


Sometimes I tell you everything. The bumps, the bruises, the hurts. For the few years, I’ve kept my mouth pretty firmly shut. I don’t know what to say. I’ve .. run out of words? My life is more complicated than […]


My ex and I don’t always agree on all things. On many things actually, but that is why we each have lovely other spouses that aren’t each other. Most of the time, our parenting styles and beliefs go nicely together. […]


October has turned grey. November looms like a great wolf.  Its harder in the greyness. We all trudge along I guess.


Tonight, I begin my eleventh year as a mom. Every day is a new adventure. I know nothing. I think we’re doing ok, but who knows. After all – for all I’ve learned? I know nothing. Clearly this adventure is […]


Last week I was in so much pain that I went to the civic. I was given prednisone and discharged. I went back again yesterday due to pain and fever sadly. More xrays and blood work show that the inflamatory […]